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Enrol your child in martial arts classes and discover the
amazing benefits they will experience in all aspects of their lives!

Parents in Blackfen & Sidcup are amazed by the positive impact martial arts classes are having on their child!

Although martial arts are often linked to Hollywood-style stunts involving kicks and punches, it's important to note that self-defence is only one aspect of the practice. By learning martial arts, children can gain confidence in their ability to defend themselves if they ever face bullying. Nevertheless, our primary emphasis is on teaching children how to de-escalate situations verbally before they become physical.

Tan'Gun Martial Arts is your partner in parenting

We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe and fun environment. 

The foundation of our kids martial arts curriculum is the education and development of life-skills such as positive mental attitude, high goal setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.


Getting Started Is Easy!



One of our 2 week or 2 day


Your child's first class


Your Child's
Martial Arts Journey!

Our 3 & 4 Year Old Programme

Our classes are fully interactive. We even include parents and actively encourage them to participate. The reason for that is simply because children, especially at such a young age crave both positive praise and loving support from their grown up.

This is a groundbreaking and exciting step forwards in Martial Arts for very young children.

The way we run our classes is forward thinking and breaks free from the shackles of the typical format. Classes at this age is very much play based with a focus towards laying out the foundation of each child's understanding of a kick, a punch, a block and so much more... 

Our classes run every Saturday & Sunday at 9am.

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Our 5-8 Year Old Programme

Our Dragons classes are for children aged 5-8 years old. This is the natural progression of our Tigers classes, and everything they learned now comes to the fore.

Don't worry if your child is new to these classes though, they will soon pick it up. Our goal is to ensure that each and every student that learns with us is taught with kindness, respect and love.

Classes for this age range carefully take your child through the steps needed to become a calm and confident individual with the ability to understand what it takes to become a fearsome Dragon Warrior.


Kicks, punches and blocks have never been more fun!! 

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Our 9-12 Year Old Programme

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Tan'Gun Ninjas is where the real hard work towards Black Belt begins.

Typically aged between 8-12, but can enter the programme younger especially if they have been through the Dragons programme, children are now introduced to the more complex aspects of self defence and sport Taekwondo. Gradings also become a lot trickier.


Tan'Gun Ninjas typically enter the programme at Beginners Certificate level. We will explain more about that once your child has expressed an interest to continue beyond the Try Out Pass level.


Our Teens Class - Cadets

Young adults of a certain age thrive when they work together which is why we developed Tan'Gun Cadets.

Typically aged between 12-16 - Secondary school age, students are now introduced to greater and more complex aspects of self defence and sport Taekwondo. 

Our work within schools of all ages has enabled us to devise and run a specifically targeted programme for this age group. This is possibly our largest group within the Academy, so it's popularity speaks for itself.

Tan'Gun Cadets typically enter the programme at Beginners Certificate level. 

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