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The Accelerator Course

You will learn 

Original & Traditional Taekwondo skills with real application to competition level standard.

Applicable and real proven methods of self defence.

How to control your mind and body whilst under stressful conditions

You will travel

To an undisclosed location of idyllic peace within the UK.

You will become

More confident with unstoppable speed, strength and fitness.


This isn’t just about Kicking and punching. This is about your own personal self development. We will push you to the limits physically, mentally and spiritually. You will not be allowed any mobile phone usage throughout the day.

These courses aren’t for everyone, we understand that. These courses are for those who want to improve their lives inside and out

This is just an example of what you can expect from the course for yellow belt from the very first day.

Day 1

                       You will receive your uniform.

                       9am – Warm up and stretch & introduction into meditation

                       9:45 – Working through fundamentals and basic philosophy. 

                       11am - Terminology and Basic movements.

                       1pm – Break for lunch (provided)

                       1:30pm – Recap of everything

                       3pm – Verbal exam and cool down and stretch

                       4pm – end of first session


Day 2

                        10am – warm up and stretch & meditation

                        10:45 – Syllabus Training - Poomsae 1&2

                        11:45 – 5 step

                        12:15pm – Footwork 1 & 2

                        1pm – Break for lunch (provided)

                        1:30 – 4 Basic Breakaways 

                        2:15pm – Board Breaking

                        3pm – cool  down, stretch and relaxation/meditation


 Day 3

10am – warm up and stretch & meditation

                        10:45 – Revision 

                        1pm – Break for lunch (provided)

                        1:30 – Preparation for exam

                        2:15pm – cool  down, stretch and relaxation/meditation

                        3pm – Grading Exam & Award Ceremony

All participants who complete will receive 

  • A framed certificate, and their belt. 

  • A copy of Master David’s book, “Strong In Heart, Strong In Mind, Strong In Body”

  • Exclusive access to the online course for constant reference.

  • 10% off access into the next course


  • Skip a belt to get to this grade

  • Certificated level grading

  • Learn from a Master Grade in Taekwondo with a wealth of experience

  • Gain access to our online course with videos you can reference and keep forever

  • Be awarded the Yellow Belt Uniform

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