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Congratulations!! You are on this page because you have been advised that your child is ready for their next belt.

If this is your first time grading with us, then please be sure to read the notes below before you proceed.


Gradings are often an exciting time, however it can also be quite a nerve racking time.

All we want is to ensure your/your child's grading goes as smoothly as possible



  • Please ensure that you have a Red Dragons Grading Uniform. This must be worn for the grading.

  • Parents are not allowed to watch the grading.

  • The grading will typically last for around 30-35 minutes. You will be advised on the day.

  • Please be prompt for the advised return time

  • Please do not stray too far from the Academy during this time.

  • Please do not bring bottles of water into the grading.


Doors will open at 12:45pm for a 1pm start
White belt & Dragon 1       -       12:30pm

Dragon 2 & 3                      -       1:30pm

Dragon 4-6                         -       2:30pm

Dragon 7 and above          -       3:30pm

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