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The Black Belt grading is unlike any other coloured belt (Kup) grading you have done previously, so does require a lot of preparation and forethought.

Please do read through the requirements listed below in order to be accepted onto the Poom/Dan grading itself.

Black Belt Grading Pre Requirements

  • Candidates must have trained with no breaks for at least 6 months immediately before they undertake the assessment.

  • Candidates must have participated in or coached in at least one competition before their​ Poom/Dan grade assessment.

  • Candidates must have attended Black Belt Class consistently for at least 6 months.

  • Poom and Dan grade applicants must wait the number of years of their current grade before their next assessment.

  • Cadet & Adult candidates must be willing to volunteer for one night a week in order to assist with classes for a minimum of one month.

1st Dan/Poom Syllabus

3rd Dan/Poom Syllabus

5th Dan Syllabus

2nd Dan/Poom Syllabus

4th Dan Syllabus


How Much Is The Grading?

Grading Prices include Chung Do Kwan certification and an embroidered belt.

1st Dan/Poom          ---------------         £200

2nd Dan/Poom         ---------------         £250

3rd Dan/Poom          ---------------         £300


What Else Is There To Know?

Itinerary For Black Belt Grading

  • 1pm – Meet at Danson Park Boathouse. 
    Lateness will result in exclusion from the rest of the grading unless under absolute extenuating circumstances. The run is the footpath around Danson Park Lake. To be run clockwise from Danson Park Boathouse.


  • 1:10pm – Run begins

  • 1:40pm – Briefing and times disclosed

  • 2pm – Arrive at the Academy

  • 2:15pm – Grading begins at this time sharp. Starting with the timed muscle endurance aspect of fitness.

  • Lateness will result in exclusion from the rest of the grading unless under absolute extenuating circumstances.

  • 4:15pm – Presentation

  • 4:30pm – End

    No refreshments or toilet breaks will be allowed on the mat. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they are sufficiently nourished until the main part of the grading starts 

Ready To Grade?

Black Belt Application Form
(Due in minimum 14 days before the grading date)
Cost of grading includes Chung Do Kwan certification and an embroidered belt

Thank you for your application. Don't forget to make payment asap

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